How do I create a new Role?

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If you have permission to create a new Role in your organization and you navigate to the Organization section, you will see the Roles tab next to Accounts.

If you do not see "Organization" on your Navigation menu, or you don't see the Roles tab, your account does not have permission to edit or create Roles. If you need this Permission added to your account, please contact your organization's Administrator or reach out to us.

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Pressing "Roles" will display a list of existing Roles and allow you to create new Roles for your organization. There are default roles that can be edited and duplicated or you can create a new Role. 

There are two ways to create a new Role, using the "+ Role" button or Duplicate an existing Role. 

"+ Role" Button

To create a new Role you will press the "+ Role" button.  You will be navigated to a screen with many options for setting up your new Role.

First, you'll want to name the Role (Role names must be unique) and give it a description. The Role Name will be what displays as the Tag name on the user's account when you assign it to a user. 

You can also choose a color to help keep your Roles organized. This color will display on the user profile when you assign the role to them. 

The right half of this menu is where you'll set the Permissions for this Role. These Permissions will dictate everything users assigned to this Role can do or not do on the Droplet Application.

There will always be two default Permissions associated with each new Role. These give the user access to submissions they have started and submissions they are currently assigned to. These Permissions can be expanded so the users who have this new Role have more access around submissions. These Permissions can also be removed if this Role will be assigned to a user in addition to another Role. The Default Role will give users access to their own submissions and assigned submissions so you can use that role as a base if you'd like to build other Roles on top of it. 

You can add new Permissions to this Role by pressing "+ Permission".

Tip for Basic Permissions
We highly recommend you ensure your users have access to their initiated submissions and their assigned submissions in order to keep your organization functioning properly on Droplet.

These Permissions don't need to be included in every new Role, but should be a part of at least ONE Role assigned to each user.

Duplicating a Role

You can also create a new Role by starting from an existing one. This can be useful if you would like your new Role to have similar Permissions to an existing one.

First, find the Role you'd like to duplicate and press the three dots to the right of its name. Then press "Duplicate" and you will see the same screen as the "Create New Role" but this time it will be called "Edit Role." 


You will be able to name this new Role (Role names must be unique) and you can choose to use the same description as the Role you duplicated or edit it to something different. You'll also see all of the Permissions have been duplicated to the right side of the screen for you to edit or add to. 

You can use the guide for editing existing Permissions to help change the Permissions on this duplicated Role or this guide for adding new Permissions to a Role.

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